Bronwen Winterburn
Clinical Psychologist, Art Therapist
Bronwen Winterburn | Clinical Psychologist, Art Therapist

Bronwen Winterburn is a Clinical psychologist and art therapist for her own private practice. Ms. Winterburn started her practice 12 years ago and has worked with a wide range of clients to successfully resolve short-term and long-term issues.


Ms. Winterburn is skilled at training in arts in psychotherapy, lecturing at an under and post graduate level. She has completed research on aspects of helpfulness in Art Therapy and the broad knowledge and use of the arts in psychology and counselling. In her practice, she has a strong interest in working with chronic and complex dual diagnosis, and teaching clients to meet their needs in healthier ways towards the most optimal outcomes.


In her role, she manages her own private practice in the beautiful Adelaide Hills, on the main street of Hahndorf. Providing a quiet and tranquil environment for her clientele. She attributes her success to her passion, which drives her motivation and her dedication to the field. Bronwen also brings extensive knowledge and guidance in mindfulness and compassion practices which adds richness and resilience to treatment models, having studied meditation, mindfulness and Buddhist psychology for over 26 years.


Ms. Winterburn plans to continue working in private practice and building her skills and knowledge and keeping abreast of the latest in research and best practice for increased efficacy for anxiety disorders, phobias, depression, chronic pain, trauma, adjustment disorders, PTSD, eating disorders and a variety of other psychological issues. Individual, couples, group, adult, adolescent, child and family sessions in counselling are all available. Bronwen is currently using the latest approved models for best outcomes, such as Schema Therapy for individuals, groups and child and adolescent (currently active in endorsement program), EMDR, mindfulness and compassion practices and hypnosis.

Bronwen Winterburn
Clinical Psychologist, Art Therapist
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