Bronwen Winterburn
Clinical Psychologist, Art Therapist

Bronwen Winterburn Maintains Affiliation with the Australian Creative Arts Therapies Association and the Australian Psychological Society

Bronwen Winterburn holds a diploma, two bachelor’s degrees and a master’s degree in her fields

BRIDGEWATER, AUSTRALIA, January 30, 2014, Provisional Clinical Psychologist and Art Therapist Bronwen Winterburn has been recognized for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in crisis counseling, and provision of art therapy to complex clients.

Recognized for two and a half decades of invaluable contributions to her field, Ms. Winterburn has found professional success as a provisional clinical psychologist and art therapist. Over the course of the past 12 years, she has provided contract work as an art therapist, and finished research on the perceived helpfulness of art therapy for her clinical psychology qualification. She also exhibits her art at festivals and therapy benefits. As a visual artist, Ms. Winterburn was always fascinated by the psychology behind imagery and the mystifying natures of our minds and souls.

After being drawn to the psychology of art, Ms. Winterburn studied as an art therapist, and then went on to provide art therapy programs for the wider community. Upon furthering her knowledge in the field, with a master’s degree in clinical psychology from the University of South Australia, where she was awarded entry into the International Golden Key Honour Society for outstanding academic excellence. Ms. Winterburn also holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology with honors, a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and a diploma in transpersonal art therapy through the Ikon International Institute.

In addition to her educational background, Ms. Winterburn’s prior industry experiences have contributed to her success in the field. She had the opportunity to work as a LifeLine telephone crisis counselor and participate in indigenous ceremony for Australian Aboriginals (Inma) and Native American Indians (International Sun Dance) enriching her understanding of spiritual belief systems used for healing, before obtaining her master’s degree. Recently, she was inducted into Worldwide Branding and maintains affiliation with the Australian Creative Arts Therapies Association and the Australian Psychological Society. Looking forward, Ms. Winterburn plans to continue working in private practice and taking on complex cases. She would also like to open an arts therapy center and create mental health care center as well.

Bronwen Winterburn
Clinical Psychologist, Art Therapist
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